3 things that happened in media this week.

This week Tescos cuts jobs, Facebook hit 2 Billion & Burger King CMO wins Creative Marketer of the Year for 2017 – Just some of the news from the last seven days.

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Welcome to 3 things that happened this week.

In this post, I will just be running through 3 things that you might have missed this week in the media industry.

1. Tescos Cuts 1,200 head office roles:

001tescoThis week As part of an ongoing cost-cutting drive Tesco is cutting 1,200 jobs at its head office.
The supermarket giant refused to single out a role set in each department, but what it did confirm was there would be job losses “across all functions” including marketing.
Cuts mean around 25% of Tesco’s head office staff will lose their jobs. And this comes a week after Tesco revealed it would cut 1,100 more jobs due to shutting down a customer support centre.
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2.Facebook has officially hit 2 billion users:

This week Facebook has just hit 2 billion users

This week Facebook has just hit 2 billion users. Zuckerberg announced the milestone on his Facebook page in his classic style on Tuesday, This comes only a few days after he shared the company’s new mission statement of “bringing the world closer to together.”

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3. Burger King CMO Says Brands Must Respect Agencies as Partners, Not Dismiss Them as Vendors:

This week Axel Schwan wins honour of Creative Marketer of the Year for 2017

This week Axel Schwan accepted the honour of Cannes Lions Creative Marketer of the Year for 2017, the Burger King Global CMO used some of his brief time on stage to praise his brand’s agencies. but he also called for his marketing peers to treat all agencies with greater respect.
He told the Cannes Lions awards “Agencies are not vending machines,” “You cannot throw in a few dollars and expect good creative to come out.”

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What do you think about what has happened this week in media? Please feel free to leave a comment.