How we’ve supported Sparks…

Sparks had their website redesigned by another London design agency initially and the end result, along with the service they received, was unsatisfactory. Through changing hosts the new hosting company referred them to us.

Working with a website created by another agency can sometimes be like opening ‘Pandora’s Box’. Fortunately, they used WordPress CMS, which we‘re very experienced in using, and managed to re-work the site so the client was happy.

The site had to be completely restructured as the user engagement and interface was severely lacking. Many elements were broken and the site was extremely slow.

The improvements we implemented:

  • Reduced the number of links throughout the site into one clear main navigation
  • Increased the visual position of the ‘Donate’ button
  • Added a slider to encourage user engagement
  • Re-structured the site map to link to relevant content better
  • Reduced the number of pages
  • Developed more control over image usage
  • Applied a full footer with most popular page links listed & Google map
  • Developed a mobile friendly adaptive design with one breakpoint for content to be accessed easily via devices with small screens
  • Added SEO techniques and tools to increase search engine ranking