Ever wondered what the next social media platform would be, would it be an app or online. Well, I can’t say I know yet but I am always on the lookout for new ones.


Cymbal Team

Do you remember when twitter started or when Instagram first launched its app?  Like most of us, you’re probably always Wondering the next social media platform and you want to be some of the first because you get to grow with it and you can build a following easier. Cymbal is growing and fairly quickly and I love the concept. It might be new but if you are a music focused brand it might be worth starting an account.

How it works:

how cymbal

It works similar to Instagram with a main feed of followers and you share music instead of images using SoundCloud and Spotify and allows users to share songs and have access to a feed it also allows you to play your complete feed like a playlist. You can follow hashtags, like and comment on songs which they call a Cymbal. You have your own profile of songs this combined with a way to discover new music from lots of sources, you really do have a solid all-around platform.

Marketing cymbal

Using it in your marketing:

How can you use it to market or reach your prospects? You can use to promote your brand and add a bit of personality to your brand outreach. For example, if you have a brand in the music industry like a Label, artist or manager you could use it to promote music with exclusive content, share songs they like and found new music. Venues could also take advantage as well by posting the acts music that our performing and stuff the venues are listening to. There’re lots of ways to market on this platform especially as it’s still a young growing app.

Give it a try it’s free and you can share it to your other social networks if you are a music based business this could be the next one to watch.