One of the key elements of building a brand is your appearance.

How your brand represents your business is vitally important to convey the right message. This is why for many start-up business owners it’s hard to decide what will look best for their company. Established companies will generally have a brand guidelines document with all the relevant information on how the branding should be maintained to avoid misuse and diluting its effectiveness.

To help with your decision I will be go through how to pick your brand colours and how colours evoke emotion.

Brand Colours


Colours have a big impact on how we interact with brands, objects and art, with this in mind I’ve put together a table of colours that relate to a certain emotion.

Colour Wheel

A Colour Wheel is method that uses colour hues to highlight relationships between primary, secondary and tertiary colours. This often helps when trying to see what colours work together or what colours don’t. How does the colour wheel work you ask? Simple, pick 1 colour and the 1 opposite is a colour that complements it.

Brand Colours

Use the colour wheel to pick 3 sets of 2 different complimentary colours for your brand. Now’s the hard part, select one from the 3 colour ways you’ve chosen that best reflects your brand. Sometimes this choice can be easy as you may have competitors with similar colours, but if you don’t ask you designer to mock up the logos in your favoured options.