How to Pick Web Hosting without speaking “Techie” Ebook

Struggling to pick the right hosting for your site

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Hosting can be confusing, It can be highly technical and your entire site sits on it. So, if you do something bad or buy the wrong one it could turn out bad.

A server is a physical computer where your website lives. It’s the servers that deliver your files to your site visitors when they type your URL (web) Address. You can’t have a website without a host just like you must have land for a house. After all, you need some place to put your stuff. Hosting is often the very first step in setting up your site. It’s also one of the primary factors in determining how fast your site operates. A good host equals a speedy site. Hosting can be highly technical and most of us just don’t get it. Techies may love this stuff, but the most of us are normally lost.

We Can Help:
We will try to use easy-to-understand lingo for those of us who don’t speak “Geek.” We’ll start with the basics and We’ll walk through the process when looking for a host and what exactly you need. It doesn’t and shouldn’t have to be so scary.


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