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A brand image is a statement of professionalism and ambition. Organisations spend millions every year developing and researching how their brand engages their target market. Trends change year on year and more rapidly than ever before. If you don’t move with the times, your brand can soon feel the effects of a fickle marketplace that will move onto the next big thing with a swipe on a tablet.

It’s important the message and tone of voice is clear, creating a positive, trustworthy and focused company. Often, SME’s and start-ups overlook the importance of a well-designed and thoughtful logo; a quick flick through a font library in Word just won’t cut it with the current generation.

This generation is extremely visually led and have little time for brands that do not keep up with current trends and new technologies. That being said, this doesn’t mean over-elaborate designs, but quite the opposite – simplicity can often be the key, a carefully selected typeface modified to add that unique feel will make all the difference for SME’s. Larger brands will require far more in-depth research as they look to gain more market share or revitalise a tired brand that is losing its position in a competitive market.

Branding doesn’t stop with a logo and guidelines. Every campaign, event and marketing promotion requires a clear and identifiable approach that quickly engages to entice further investigation by the audience, whilst maintaining and complementing the core brand. Good practice is to always have brand guidelines developed, especially when there are now so many channels, platforms and formats to populate on an ongoing basis.

Your brand will always be compared with your competitors, by prospective clients or the public, no matter what your industry is. B2B and B2C markets have extremely high expectations from brands, which demands continued investment, and for start-ups, even chatting with a good design agency can help and you’ll be surprised at what they will offer.

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