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Big is always better – we love big graphics… plastering our designs across a huge area for the world to see gives every designer a buzz.

Recently we’ve partnered Samsung and Tyco, two leading global brands to produce some innovative designs. Tyco regularly attends multiple events nationwide to promote security and fire products. The challenge is that these stands not only have to wow passing visitors, but also include the products and mechanical systems for demonstrations. They also have to be modular for transporting to multiple events. You can see these in the show reel above or visit our portfolio.

The most unusual exhibition area we’ve produced designs for, was a Samsung mobile exhibition centre based in Budapest. This exhibition on wheels, expanded into a multi-room exhibit that toured Europe. We developed the designs throughout the internal space covering a range of products for the European sales team. See the slider above for images.

As well as large stands, we regularly design single pull up banners that are perfect for small events and easy to transport.

Our long-standing love affair with Point-of-Sale (POS), stems back to the early days of GAME when they had just a few stores. We were the UK agency for GAME, for over 10 years and designed all their in-store POS to promote the latest videogame releases, offers and seasonal campaigns.

Following GAME, we partnered with GameStop (the global leading videogames retailer). For 18 months we used our extensive understanding of the games industry to rebrand all the in-store POS and set the tone for things to come, raising the bar and doubling the output of marketing and advertising opportunities.

Whilst supporting both GAME and GameStop, we’ve worked closely with the leading games manufacturers and distributers such as Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, Bethesda, Sega and Take2 to name but a few. They provided the key artwork and we brought it to life, adhering to both GameStop and 3rd party brand guidelines to create a POS masterpiece.

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