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Digital Marketing is the most reactive and cost effective tool for companies to connect with their target audience. Developing a strategy that engages and adds credibility to your brand is vitally important when encouraging audiences to investigate your services and products in more detail.

In reality, the channel-surfing customer of today is often bombarded with options through advertising, recommendations, reviews, blogs, videos and more to encourage a sale. Many companies have still yet to fully embrace the effectiveness of digital marketing and occasionally only dip a toe in with the odd advertising banner here and there, but ultimately this is destined to fail and sheds a negative impression on what good digital marketing can actually do for them.

Digital marketing is all about laying the groundwork to fully immerse users and realising that an advert online or tweet about a promotion is merely the start of the customer journey.

Social media and community based websites have revolutionised the customers’ decision-making with over 50% of users being influenced by social channels and shares from friends. Many people will follow a brand Facebook & Twitter page to see what users are saying about certain products or just want to keep up with the latest trends, technology, discovery or gossip.

Successful digital marketing strategies often involve more than one approach, but even one applied correctly can make a difference to a campaign or number of visitors to a website. Below are some of the digital marketing services we offer.



The best opportunity and often the primary point of contact with the target audience is through search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing). Each day, millions of keywords are searched within these platforms to look for relevant results and we can target these keywords to push traffic to a selected web page, web campaign, data capture page or promotion/competition. The more of your results that appear on the first page of Google, the more likely they will land on one of your online channels.

SEO is also based on content and how search engines rank this through various algorithms. Algorithms are used to filter out the good websites from the bad, the trusted from the untrustworthy so paying attention to these can significantly increase your chances of customers finding you.


Social Media Management and Content Marketing

Social Media is a way of connecting people all over the world providing a platform for sharing information quickly and opening up networks that go beyond that of your own. By using Social Networking as a form of interactive marketing, we can engage and target audiences with conversion, information and support to increase brand awareness. The aim will be to establish your company as an authority and trusted resource in your particular marketplace.

It’s extremely important to have a presence on social platforms as customers value the opportunity to discuss your products and services openly with you and other buyers. The number of ‘followers’, ‘likes’ and people connected, allows your companies voice to travel a lot further.


Email Marketing

E-marketing is one of the most valuable and economical tools in any business. A potential or existing customer has given your company their email because they want direct contact with your brand. To take advantage of this we can create regular email campaigns around products and services to increase brand awareness and maintain a connection. Emails can also be fully monitored to understand the success of the campaign and also if any sales were converted.


Google Adwords/PPC

Pay per click is the advertising method Google use to promote brands to the first page of search results. Your advert will appear in relationship to a particular keyword used and if your advert is clicked you will be charged a fee. The fee amount depends on how many other companies are competing for the same keyword; the greater the competition the greater the fee. For some less saturated markets PPC is a great way to put your company in front of potential customers, but for some industries like graphic designs, the costs are too great.

We can manage and run your PPC campaigns for you, advising on the best way to attract new visitors for the best value keywords. Unfortunately, choosing the most used and common keywords can often deplete monthly campaign budgets rapidly.

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