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WordPress has a great media uploader and it’s getting better as each update comes out, but there are certain things it lacks in the way of features. The MPH team have found a plugin that can help.


Uploadcare is a service that makes your life easier if you use cloud-based services to store your media. It offers many options to improve the media experience on your site.
Essentially any media you add to Uploadcare will be stored on your cloud servers. This removes loading speed and memory issues that you could experience by using your own server. It comes with image processing functionality that enables you to change images and can be altered on the fly with something called URL switches. This leaves the original image untouched and safe.

It allows you to upload from some of your favourite sources like your computer, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive, Evernote and any URL location.

Processing Images:
The image processing feature leaves the default image untouched. This allows you to call the image and display it in multiple locations with each one being a different version of the image.

For example, you can change an image to a specific size by adding“/-/resize/600×300/”  after the image ID.

This makes the image very versatile.














Full Features List:

  • Upload images of any resolution and size
  • Crop images
  • Upload documents and archives
  • Choose images from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr or VK
  • Choose files from Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Evernote
  • Deliver your media through CDN, it’s up to 5x times faster

As with most WP plugins, there is a free plan that gives you 250MB of storage when you sign up which is pretty cool. This goes a long way for a small businesses and start-up websites. There is also a premium plan available for larger sites or sites that need or have extremely high-resolution image files.


The price plan as follows:

  1. 1.5GB of storage – $5 per month
  2. 7.5GB of storage – $19 per month
  3.  50GB of storage – $99 per month

We LOVE this plugin and think it’s a great option if you use cloud storage or want to save memory or speed on your website.

Have you tried Uploadcare or is there any other plugins you loving at the moment? Let us know by leaving a comment below.